Otorongo is the black jaguar, sacred to the shamans of the Amazon
Healing Visioning Empowerment
. . . toward an Embodied Spirituality

We are all transforming and evolving. Some of us are working consciously with this process, but everyone is feeling an acceleration of energy in these current times, and often an intensification of stress. Wherever we are in our evolution, there is usually a focal point, some issue that seems to be in the forefront of our consciousness, perhaps some physical problem where the energy is blocked.

Each shamanic healing session begins with a discussion of what’s up for you in your life, whether it be related to emotional issues, physical problems, or specific events or relationships that are challenging you. There will be a shamanic invocation of the Directions and of the spirits and guides who will assist us in the work. Using Reiki, energetic touch, cranial-sacral therapy, and shamanic techniques, we will explore the realms of your psyche and work multi-dimensionally on the physical, emotional, and mental levels, as well as with the energy field surrounding your body. Sessions may include shamanic techniques of extraction and soul retrieval, and removal of unwanted external influences. You will be guided into a receptive state where you will be able to access the deeper levels of your issues. Through techniques of observation, we will follow problems to their origins and bring in awareness to shift the energy and deconstruct the obstacles, restoring the flow of life and livingness, accessing your innate power, and allowing your true Self to shine forth. The deep healing work will lead you into the co-creation of a life that you would like to manifest, one in alignment with Spirit and in harmony with the Earth and all living beings.

To schedule sessions with Malcolm, it is best to email him at: otorongo@earthlink.net

Malcolm is also available for telephone sessions.

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