Otorongo is the black jaguar, sacred to the shamans of the Amazon
Healing Visioning Empowerment
. . . toward an Embodied Spirituality
Shamanism and the Continuum of Life
"Ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics both inform us that consciousness coexists with form, that Spirit interpenetrates matter. Spiritual Shamanism explores this Mystery that underlies all things, as we traverse this evolutionary earth path...", [read article]
Shamanism and the Modern World
"This time on our planet is quite challenging for many of us. It is said that we are being bombarded by galactic impulses that are accelerating a transformation of human consciousness. The more we evolve, the more sensitive we are becoming...", [read article]
Spiritual Shamanism
The practice of spiritual shamanism is dedicated to the evolutionary manifestation of light and consciousness within humanity. In Tibetan Buddhism and Vedanta, the teachings of non-dualism help us to realize that separation is an illusion...", [read article]

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