Otorongo is the black jaguar, sacred to the shamans of the Amazon
Healing Visioning Empowerment
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About Malcolm

Malcolm Groome

Malcolm Groome is an authorized teacher of Continuum Movement and a shamanic practitioner based in Topanga, California.

Since a very young age, he has been a student of yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. Originally from North Carolina, he has traveled the world to visit power spots and sacred sites, studying Raja Yoga in India and Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. A practitioner of Vipassana, Tantra, and Dzogchen, he is also trained in various modalities of bodywork, is a third-degree Reiki master, and was on the healing staff of the School of Actualism for ten years.

Malcolm has studied with shamans in the Native American, Celtic, and South American traditions, and has made numerous pilgrimages to the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon to participate and assist in healing ceremonies.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has worked as an actor, singer, and dancer in New York, Los Angeles, and regionally, and currently works as a voice actor in Hollywood.

Malcolm has facilitated shamanic and Continuum workshops and retreats in the United States and Europe. His teaching and healing practice has incorporated ancient spiritual traditions, ecstatic dance, and the teachings of non-duality, that is, Oneness. Malcolm seeks to bring to others a sense of the Great Mystery, a greater degree of Presence in their bodies and in their lives, and participation in a global community of reciprocity and love.

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